Not sure

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alt: Not sure

I always wonder, what are or what could be the people who like my images so much that they would spend money for them. When I meet somebody I sometimes think if he or she would be that person who I like to be the buyer or better say owner of my artwork. I am sure that I am not alone in hope (more…)

Pearls for Pigs

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My dear friend,
While traveling these days there is not much time for writing, but quite a lot for thinking.,

Yesterday I went to see a movie in cinema. I was, as probably a lot of you, huge fan of cinemas, when I was young. I love and still enjoy slowly fading light when movie starts. The partial, or complete lost of reality and dive into the story in the movie. I always hated all those popcorn & coke habits. I never liked (more…)

Not enough space

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Dear friend,
This time I am writing you from small village in north of Slovakia. Before we went to this trip I had wonderful plan to take all my strobes, tripods and umbrellas. My intention was to take images of our folks living here. One of the reasons was that some of them approaching (more…)