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Dear friends and one time visitors, but especially you who are reading this through your RSS reader of any kind. As you maybe now there are two main feeds on this side.

One which contains all items including podcast and reflects all what happen on the web site has url and there is another one, which contains purely the podcast items as used by iTunes as well has url

I am thinking about removing the podcast items from the main RSS feed so  it will be purely non audio/video media RSS feed. It get to my attention that media in this podcast could lead to some complication with certain readers. I would be really happy if you let me know if you like this change or you do not like it.

If you would prefer to use one feed for all you can use direct feed from my web sites which is source for both feeds crunched by feedburner. It’s url is this and because it is feed generated by my wordpress you can use all kinds of tricks in this url to get whatever RSS version you like and more. You can read all about it here. Of course by using this I will kind of loose overview about people reactions, subscription and use of my feed.

I am not going to put this change in action right away, I would rather to hear from you if the ideas I wrote here about are in right direction. You may prefer something else and you are free to not care as well ;-)

P.S.: If the only one who cares is you D., than you may subscribe to this feed

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