Strobist workshop with David Tejada

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Last Wednesday I have attended strobist workshop  by David Tejada. He presented it under the name Small Strobes Big Results in London. I had a wonderful time, not only by seeing my old friend in London and walking this intense city. I liked the way David’s workshop was done. In this eight podcast I am talking more about my impressions from this one day event. Whole Europe tour of David Tejada was organized by Hungarian company photopress production.

Listen the podcast episode 8: Strobist workshop with David Tejada

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  1. JPH
    Wed, 21. July , 2010

    I like how you added closing music to this one, Richard :-)

    And hey – you paid for the workshop, you traveled good distance to attend it, the workshop was to teach, and for you to learn – you had every right to ask a question every five minutes! That’s what it was all about and for! You would have been remiss if you didn’t.

  2. richo
    Wed, 21. July , 2010

    Jeff, I was more or less joking about those questions. Fact was that I was one of the few people who asked questions at the first half of the workshop.

    I am adding some images to this post to illustrate the place we did have the workshop.


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