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Dear friend,

recently I seem to be involved more and more in fruit gadgets, not sure how it is but it is growing on me as Google spider was/is. These things are so handy that you start using them until you realize that you serving them and not they serve you. Following few lines are quite technical story about RSS feeds and iTunes as well about my iPhone saga continuation.

As you may know I have started a little podcasting this year in January. I made few episodes and than due to all kinds of things like rebuilding web and working on extra photo stuff and traveling as well I have made a little pause.

Changes with web brought need to redirect iTunes to the new feed. I managed that and pointed iTunes using <itunes:new-feed-url> tag to the new wordpress fed feedburner feed. After while I realize that all the normal posts are pushing out my podcast’s post from past out of the feed. My feed contains only last twenty items, so podcast from April is out of the list.

WordPress gave you incredible opportunity to have feed from whatever you like. I create than category podcast and place in it all my podcast’s episodes from blog. Then this feed didn’t contained any other episodes, only those which has audio or video in them.

Nice I though, but how I know tell itunes to move from one feedbruner RSS to other. One which contains all episodes of this site to the one containing only podcast’s ones. Well I again used magic <itunes:new-feed-url> tag, which I hacked into feed template in wordpress toegther with link to itunes dtd file.

All seems to be now ok. And hopefully I will soon seen subscribers who likes to see only podcast moving to the new podcast feed and the ones to have it all will stay at the main feed. I had about 15 subscribers before I started to do podcast, now, today I have about 145 subscribers noted down by feedburner and I see many more accessing my feed directly from my site here.


Second issue I like to write you about today is my iPhone phobia. You know about my Moscow welcome story, right? So I am still discussing with insurance how much and when I will receive from them. In a mean time, things on iPhone market are changing. New iPhone 4 is available in USA and soon here in Europe. One is reading all kinds of stories.

Particular interesting and to me little alarming are stories about antenna in frame of the iPhone4. As far as I understand it frame, which is directly touchable from outside is serving as two antennas, one for GSM, GPRS,.. signals and the second (i think the little smaller one) for WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. When you holding a phone you actually making a short connection between these two. Your body is also serving as extension of them. Isn’t that a little dangerous, what about sar level? Have you ever try to hold TV  antenna before? Or why was all  that fuss, when antenna of old Ericsson phone where touching or closing up to your skull while on the phone?

Have you read about lower GSM signal sensitivity when you holding the iPhone in left hand? Why do you think it is? Well you touching slitly different parts of anthenas and than maybe is not fully supporting their sensitivity.

I do not know, I am always rather skeptic to the new gadgets. I always loved new ones, but after years of experience I am kind of more careful. So I am just thinking to get the older iPhone 3GS or maybe not. Who knows if I don’t? If you do let me know, thanks!

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  1. richo
    Wed, 30. June , 2010

    I need to report that iTunes is now showing nicely the new feed with all five parts of my podcast including the last video!


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