Strobist in Action

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I was hired by the author of a book to create a book cover. I worked with strobes in open space as well in  studio and also in the middle of the night. I guest I become somebody called a Strobist. You had opportunity to see few of the images already. Today I created short video, which contains some more images and little talk. It is my first attempt to post video. I hope it will be visible also in iTunes and playable on your iPhone. It is now part of my podcast. should I call it video cast, after this Strobist episode?

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  1. JPH
    Mon, 28. June , 2010

    Cool, Richard, I really liked it.

    What I liked even more, in fact loved, was the very last image that you close on, with the man, hands covering his head, the long, narrow shaft of light going from one edge of the frame to the next, the image and lighting are just great and I love it! Very good job on it!

    What is the book, that you mentioned you were shooting the cover for?

    Look forward to more! All the best, and happy shooting to you!

  2. richo
    Tue, 29. June , 2010

    Thanks Jeff, for nice words. I may post images later as well for better view. The book is book of poems by writer from New Jersey. I am currently busy with some last shots.

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    Wed, 18. June , 2014

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