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After some time I was able today import all messages to this blog. All post back from 1997, some originally in Slovak language. There is still quite a work with them, especially links to images or other external part are broken. But text and all history is available now.

What is great I was able to pull all comments even those from JS-Kit and, but not all with emails and website’s links. This makes great view on my progress in last more than thirteen years I am running this web site.

You may remember originally this site was under domain than moved to and now I was browsing through these pages and found huge amount of interesting information about film developing, image creation, all my attempts to promote my images and much much more in personal notes.

I hope you find it as well interesting from your point of view. So please pull down Archive from top menu and see, over 1440 posts.


  1. dave beckerman
    Sat, 19. June , 2010

    I’ve also been thinking of putting up all my posts from the beginning… when was it… a long time ago. It would be a lot of work. Some are just in html tables before there was blog software… and there are two or three old blogs sitting out there.

    Since my rank is already pretty high, I’d hate to screw that up by adding all the old stuff, but maybe it would only help. I have no idea. But it would be nice to have it all in one place from the beginning to the present. I guess I’ll do it.

    Biggest problem is always the images. WordPress can spit out your blog as xml but to get all the images in the right directory has to be done manually.

    I’ve been reading up on some tips about how to go about this… the best tip is to create a new user in the blog you are going to stick everything into, and import using that user’s name. Then you have a way of seeing and editing all the stuff from the old blog.

  2. richo
    Sat, 19. June , 2010

    Dave it seems I am just walking behind in my blog :-)
    What I have done I have wrote php script and load all posts & comments from allkinds of sources (my old blog, haloscan, js-kit) into DB and than with another script I converted everything into the wordpress xml import format. Than I just imported it using import unction in wordpress.
    With images you are right, if they are not on wordpress it is difficult. First I though I put all posts as drafts and go one by one and publish them back with original date, but at the end I decided otherwise. I imported all in Archive category and published. Now I go to interested posts and change them if needed and load back images.

    This way it works fine and it is for me also interesting to re-read all stories ;-)

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    Tue, 22. June , 2010

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