Old photo, old bike but new feed

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alt: Old photo, old bike but new feed

I only like to let you know that all my tricks with moving feed for iTunes seems to be working fine. So if you like to subscribe in iTunes you can do it from front page, there is a small icons for it. If you like to subscribe to podcast directly from me you can use this podcast RSS link. (more…)

All the trouble with a Apple

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Dear friend,

recently I seem to be involved more and more in fruit gadgets, not sure how it is but it is growing on me as Google spider was/is. These things are so handy that you start using them until you realize that you serving them and not they serve you. Following few lines are quite technical story about RSS feeds and iTunes as well about my iPhone saga continuation. (more…)

Strobist in Action

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alt: Strobist in Action

I was hired by the author of a book to create a book cover. I worked with strobes in open space as well in  studio and also in the middle of the night. I guest I become somebody called a Strobist. You had opportunity to see few of the images already. Today I created short video, which contains some more images and little talk. It is my first attempt to post video. I hope it will be (more…)

Chicken on the roof

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alt: Chicken on the roof

Sunday morning, my friends is a special time. You may wake up very early and having wonderful summer, extra long day. Or you wake up late and you can have short (more…)


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Things are not like they seems, sometimes they are rather different. Mostly it is only how we see them and for a moment they are different than we use to. What should we do ignore that or (more…)

Sun, Light and a Window

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alt: Sun, Light and a Window

I always loved to take images where the Sun light was sharp. Full snow or sun beaming directly to camera. All this reminds me that lovely feeling when you lie down in dark room and you staring out of a window. Sun is creating (more…)

A Shore

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alt: A Shore

This was wonderful and windy place, full of rocks rounded by never stopping waves. We walked there and were splashed by water and dried by the wind for half a day. Once I love to be back there (more…)

Windy Day

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alt: Windy Day

No it is not really windy today, but I have received comment from long time visitor of these pages, looking for particular image. Windy Day Image I made back in 2007 on Agfa APX 100 and developed in Fotospeed FD10 developer. (more…)

New features

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Dear Friend,
I am so excited, that I have to write you all about it. What is it, you wonder? Simple, it is this web sites and its possibilities from the time I moved it to run on wordpress. You know that I have imported all posts back from 1997 and that allows to (more…)

To Be or Not To Be

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Oh yes, that is the question: To Be or Not To Be. Do you have it sometimes? I mean in certain situation and in different forms we have it all the time, don’t we? It very rarely goes to extreme, but (more…)