Color filter on Digital camera

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alt: Color filter on Digital camera

You know, following text is just my observation, it is very subjective and maybe not general true at all. I am writing it here as Jeff had some question about if he can use color filter with digital camera as he used to use with analog one and black and white film.

I did the same, I often used Nikon Yellow Y44 filter when I needed just a bit (more…)

Tiffen Gradual Neutral Density Filter

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alt: Tiffen Gradual Neutral Density Filter

Following is a bit technical stuff, so for you who likes more philosophical readings you can just skip it. ;-) Yesterday I purchased this Tiffen Gradual Neutral Density filter. I was looking to do it for rather longer time. I use to have same filter on my old Olympus OM2n with, was it 49mm filter mount. Anyway I was really curious how this thing works and if it really have the effect I was hoping for. You know shooting sometime in high contrast environment can bring (more…)

All kinds of Challenges

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Challenges, that what so far mostly is brought to me by the move to wordpress. What is very good, is that all is nicely solvable. For example yesterday I added the last, old, podcast episode to the journal. Just to test how it will be published by wordpress and how iTunes will eat it after feedburner swallow it. That went perfectly well. (more…)

One more in color

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alt: One more in color

Today was the first day with rain after rather many with bright and hot sun. I also received few days ago invitation to exposition of the french photographer, who’s work I like very much. His name is Jean-Claude Belegou. His work The luncheon on the grass it give me feel of rather hot pleasant summer time, full of (more…)

Here we go

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alt: Here we go

Dear friends,

so here we are in a new engine. Looks same isn’t it? A lot of things is not fully working, but I know myself if I didn’t put it on that it will never be on. This way I can go further with feeling that it is done. In a process I can (more…)

Change coming

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alt: Change coming

I was preparing and thinking about this for longer time. I think time has come. I will, after all those years on Internet, move my web page to standard publishing system. In some of the following days I will move this web site to wordpress. (more…)

Is it me?

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alt: Is it me?

Dear friend,

I guess you like me look sometimes in the mirror and ask yourself that question: Is it really me? Each of us, I guess, has certain illusion about ourselves and when we are confronted, not necessary with physical, mirror, we can’t believe our eyes. (more…)


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alt: Smoker

Dear friend,

you may be asking yourself what the hell is happening, why he is writing now every ten hours, when he have not written single line to us for over six weeks. And I simple have not answer to that. I just feel like (more…)

QTR Printing

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So, today was a printing day. While ago, still in times of Windows XP, I had setup my printing using QTR with carbon pigments inks. Based on idea of Paul Roark and his inks sold by I mix my own inks and (more…)

From the air to the ground

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alt: From the air to the ground

Hello there,

I was thinking about writing this post yesterday already, but end up doing so today morning. Well it is not really morning now, it is actually Saturday after ten. Recently this is happening to me more and more. I wake up this late. I use to be a person (more…)