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Posted by on Feb 23, 2010 in Podcast | 2 Comments

This audio recording also called podcast, is about my new photo book. I have published it based on help and idea from Jeffrey Paul Howard. Listen to more details and look at attached pictures. You can also purchase this photo book. There are still some copies left after I send few around.

Listen the podcast episode 5:

Price for bigger hard bound photo book is €49 and small one for €24. Postage depends how far you are from The Netherlands. Postage in the Europe  is around €10, overseas excluding UK around €20 (for hard bound), €15 for soft bound. Leave me a note if you have interest. (Anybody for reprint? Leave a message).

Take a look how does the photo book looks:

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  1. afshin ahmadi
    Tue, 5. June , 2012

    very good. i think that the objects of your photos are hope. everybody and every dital of your pictures waiting for somethiing. i dont know what? but remindes me hope. that we all waiting for. good job, well done.

  2. richo
    Tue, 5. June , 2012

    Thank you I am honored and I am glad that you see hope in my images.


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