Just Enjoy It!

Posted by on Jan 21, 2010 in Podcast | 4 Comments

Dear friend, in this third audio call Just Enjoy It, I talk about the difference between asking question about the art work and enjoying it. Wondering why we need to name everything even before we let it influence us. What is the reason that we need to know why and what.. Why not only feel and experience the emotions, which such a image creates in us.

Listen the podcast episode #3: Just Enjoy it!

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  1. Jacco de Kraker
    Tue, 26. January , 2010


    Yes, after listening, the title of your letter is clear. And the choice of pictures as well.

  2. richo
    Tue, 26. January , 2010

    It is so kind of you Jacco. I was wondering, after I recorded this part and nobody was leaving any comment, that I was not as clear as I planned.
    I though nobody really understood what I was talking about. :-)

  3. Iva Dimitrova
    Wed, 19. January , 2011

    A wonderful question to consider. I often get asked the same thing by my friends when I share with them a photograph I had discovered and loved. They begin asking all these questions, instead of just admiring it, and feeling what it conveys. They detract from it’s magic that way.

    And I understood perfectly what you said :) you have a very earnest expression, that reminds me of the way my father and mother speak.

    My favorite part of what you said is the closing image of the children feeling the ground on their backs and legs and hands. Very beautiful.

    • richo
      Fri, 29. June , 2012

      Dear Iva, I would love to thank you for this nice comment and write you few lines. I know you wrote those lines more than one and half year ago. I read them few times already and it a;ways help me. Today is also such a day. Today I do write you back, why I have not wrote earlier? Who knows, please excuse me for it.


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