And now with audio!

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Dear friend, today is here something new. Something I was thinking about rather long time. One day it just happen. Audio! Podcast! Let see how does it turns out. If you should have some problems with this audio post, please let me know. Should be accessible through RSS reader and web as well.
Thank you very much in advance for your feedback! This is my first attempt in a podcast world. After listening so many great podcasts I decided to make one myself. As a first audio episode it will have probably some issues. Sound quality or its level. Me talking strange, unnatural. Who knows. The future will show us. But I promise you one thing. If there will be a moment when I will not enjoy it, I will stop. I will not drag it for 800 episodes of repeating myself. Well, enjoy and let me know:

Listen the podcast episode #1: And now with audio!

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  1. Jacco de Kraker
    Tue, 12. January , 2010

    From “Hm, I’m not sure that will work” to “Hey, that’s nice!” in 70 seconds.

    When I read this letter, I thought: audio? Why do we need audio?

    But… I think it can be very interesting indeed. Surely this way it will be easier to convey your emotions, that’s a lot more difficult in writing, and it comes natural in speaking.

    Be sure not to write down a whole “speech” before recording it, leave room for those emotions, it’s better that way. A few hesitations also don’t matter, it makes it only more natural.

    Yes, this is refreshing, looking forward to more.

  2. JPH
    Tue, 12. January , 2010

    :-) I like, Richard! It’s interesting (and good!) to hear your actual speaking voice, for the first time after all these years!

    I remember when I first saw a photo of you, and remember telling you, that you were not how I pictured you… I can’t remember how I originally did, from just knowing you through typed words on a screen… now I also have a voice, to put with the face, to put with the words, to put with the wonderful and beautiful photographs, of this fellow Photographer who has inspired me throughout the past few years!

    Yes, do more, and keep it up! I agree with Jacco, that words on a screen fail in conveying what one is truly attempting to say, and hearing one’s actual voice, talking with the viewer, it brings even more of a nice level of intimacy to you and your work, on top of your photos… so, good for you!

    I am actually surprised to see you attempting to do this… don’t expect me to answer why, as I don’t have the slightest idea, but, I just found it unexpected… and gladly so!

    Later this year, when I go forth to putting up a my own photo website again, I had planned on doing something similar, both audio commentary that can be heard with select photos, and also a video podcast like thing, where I discuss things photographic… Will see.

    Why writing has always been a salvation for me, is because my mind is always going at a hundred million kilometers an hour, on a hundred million tracks at the same time, and the path from my brain to my mouth, into words, is never pretty… I stammer and stutter, can’t get a coherent sentence out to save my life, unable to verbally articulate what it is I am trying to say. Whereas with writing, I can can take my time, I am more relaxed and at ease, and it all seems to flow more naturally and concisely (For the most part, as you know, having received numerous tomes o’ mine!).

    I think it will be good for me in that aspect though, as it will be a good way for me to work on being able to verbally articulate and convey my minds thoughts and words…

    Yeah, okay so well anyway! Enough about me! Sorry!

    Yes – continue! I think it will be great, and would look forward to hearing the man himself speaking of his love, passion, and work!

    All the best to you, my far away, photo friend!

  3. Dirk
    Wed, 13. January , 2010

    Great – keep developing and be sure to do it regularly.

    And please put it on iTunes to subscribe.

  4. richo
    Wed, 13. January , 2010


    thanks a lot. It feels so nice when I wake up and there are comments on post I did night before ;-)

    Thanks for your supportive writings and opinions.

    About the iTunes inclusion, I will try my best I was looking into it, but there are certain conditions for the RSS feed and I need to modify my code even more to satisfy does. But I certainly like to do that.

    Thanks again to all of you!


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