Commenting change

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Hello, this is only short announcement and request for little testing and help, if you would find some time.
Commenting system I was using for past seven (more…)

Just Enjoy It!

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alt: Just Enjoy It!

Dear friend, in this third audio call Just Enjoy It, I talk about the difference between asking question about the art work and enjoying it. Wondering why we need to name everything even before we let it influence us. What is the reason that we need to know why and what.. (more…)

It is about time

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Dear Friend
this time there is no audio in my letter. Don’t you worry there is one in process of making. I have accumulate so many notes (more…)

Question for you.

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alt: Question for you.

We have a nice bright sunny day. It is not warm. January, you can imagine. Anyway a question has occurred in my mind. Question for you. Please listen.

BTW: I am working on adding this podcast in the iTunes as Dirk suggested, but it will take a few extra days as I am not Apple user and I need to modify my home RSS generator to include special iTunes tags.

Listen the podcast episode #2: Question for you

Update: as you can see, now all episodes of this podcast are in iTunes:

You can see all podcast episodes by following link to podcast category or use iTunes to subscribe or use this RSS feed to subscribe directly

And now with audio!

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alt: And now with audio!

Dear friend, today is here something new. Something I was thinking about rather long time. One day it just happen. Audio! Podcast! Let see how does it turns out. If you should have some problems with this audio post, please let me know. Should be accessible through RSS reader and web as well. (more…)

New Year, New Chance

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alt: New Year, New Chance

Dear Friend,

today is the first day of the new year. Outside is a bright Sun and deep blue sky. You know what this means to me. (more…)