Close to the road

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You see, my friend
after so many days without letter is this one second in last twenty four hours. Maybe I should wait with walking to the HTTP post office and bring both at the same time. ;-) But thanks to very short distance from my home to this funny post office I do not mind to do it more often

Some days ago my car was in service and I have got replacement car. As it is usual the replacement car was much older and much smaller than my own car. I was use to sit high above the road almost like I use to as small boy traveling by bus. Also this distance from the road and thanks to all that control systems in car one is far far away from feeling the ride.

On other hand this small car where one is almost in horizontal position and where you see in high of your eyes only the license plate from car in front of you, you feel the road. You so close that you almost smell it. You hear every part of this older car, you smell engine and when you floor the gas pedal you feel the kick. I love it, I haven’t even think for second how dangerous it can end, but I was enjoying every second to drive such a car. I do not wish my kids where with me and I know a lot of you will say I was irresponsible, but I was in love. I felt like when I was fourteen again and learning to drive motorcycle. It is a moment you do not care about many things, you just like to master it and enjoy it when it goes. I remember that I doesn’t need to have reason to drive my motor bike. I just liked the feel of air in my hair and smell of tarmac under the tires.

These days one plays all kinds of games and we do not really enjoying it. We try to fit to other people imaginations, expectations about ourselves, but at the end it is our live so why not get closer to the road and enjoy the ride!

Maybe than we will have feeling of moisture in our eyes and hair will fly behind and our mind with birds high in the sky will look through the fog down to the Lost lights.

Close to the road


  1. Jacco de Kraker
    Tue, 15. December , 2009

    Get closer to the road and enjoy the ride, well said! It’s true that we (Is that “we” as an age group? Is it “we” as model citizens? Does it matter? It might be both and more) can be a bit grey. Grey is safe. Grey is not the biggest fun. Grey isn’t always bad, but there are moments when we want more.

    So, yeah, the message in your letter is clear. For me at least. I’ll try to put it to practice, not all the time, but maybe a bit more often than now.

    And, hey, I like the picture too! Dynamic. Nice!

  2. richo
    Wed, 16. December , 2009

    Thanks Jacco!


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