Night house or how often I should write to you?

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Oh I know my friend,
it has been while from my last letter to you, but be honest, I haven’t heard from you also for some time. Everybody always says: “I though about you, but haven’t got to the writings”, well, isn’t it only simple excuse? Well who cares? Nobody!In any case this is not the best start for the letter, I have planned to write back to you from early today morning. We have got some colder weather and I love it. The weather, which makes air dry, sky clean and deep blue with very sharp Sun. When you get out of the house your mind is so clear and even you feel rather chilly you want to stay a bit longer.

In one such a afternoon, almost night, after I returned from walking with our dog I grabbed tripod and camera and walk out again.

Night house

I wanted to capture that, a bit scary, cold light, in front of the dark house. Some years ago I did more of such a walks with camera. Somehow I do not favor this image hunting walks anymore.

Now, when I think about them, about those few of them I did in last two years, each of them bring as result inspiration and major part of my photo projects. But I have to admit only those where somebody else was involved has turn out to be the better ones. Like “Serene Mind” where it was Jacco photographing with me same day and “Woman” where Viera has been my model for the day.

Interesting, never noticed that before.


  1. Jacco de Kraker
    Tue, 15. December , 2009

    Well, ummmm…. I thought about you, but I didn’t write you.
    But I’m glad you took the initiative to write another letter. I should do the same.

    The weather is indeed great. Great to clear the mind, great to do some photography again.

    The picture doesn’t do it for me, though. I find that the blurry foreground is just a bit too much of a distraction, especially combined with the sharpness of the house.

  2. richo
    Wed, 16. December , 2009

    Yes Jacco, it is spying, voyeur view on the house in the middle of the nigh. So the one who did it was hiding in the blurred clouds of the night

  3. Jacco de Kraker
    Wed, 16. December , 2009

    I see what you mean, but it still doesn’t work for me, I’m afraid.

    But I’m glad to read that I somehow, however magically, helped you in creating your Serene Mind series. ;-)

  4. richo
    Sat, 1. October , 2011

    Jacco, I have updated this post. New verison of the same image. What do you think now about it?


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