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Dear Dirk,

yes this letter is for you ;-) This is only second letter I ever wrote to particular person in this blog. We spoke in our (more…)

So late in night

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alt: So late in night

My dear friend,

you may be asleep now, it is so late in the night. I went through some old images and find following three. You may feel differently about them, but this is how I feel at 2am. Can images speak for themselves, or do I need to write some text? You tell me, for now I let them speak to you… (more…)

Old photos are back

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alt: Old photos are back

My dear Friend,

I am writing you today only short note. I made my old images, originally published at piskoftak.com, again accessible. At the moment it (more…)

Bright Sun and Happy Mood

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alt: Bright Sun and Happy Mood

My dear friend,
Brilliant sunny freezing morning. I wrote this million times, my friend, but every time such a winter morning happens I am in heaven. Deep (more…)

Close to the road

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alt: Close to the road

You see, my friend
after so many days without letter is this one second in last twenty four hours. Maybe I should wait with walking to the HTTP post office and bring both at the same time. ;-) But thanks to very short distance from my home to this funny post office (more…)

Night house or how often I should write to you?

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alt: Night house or how often I should write to you?

Oh I know my friend,
it has been while from my last letter to you, but be honest, I haven’t heard from you also for some time. Everybody always says: “I though about you, but haven’t got to the writings”, well, isn’t it only simple excuse? Well who cares? Nobody! (more…)