Letters and Images

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You may noticed, that I try to write these blog entries more in a style of letters. I also change the name of this page to “Letter to my friend”. I did it to allow myself to see some real person I am writing these letter to.

In recent time I am reading second book of letters. I am fascinated by the way these people write letter to their friends, brothers or loved ones. So much personal touch, so much inside thoughts. I had idea that maybe if I starting to write these letter to my oldest friend, it will help me to make them more personal and more the way I like to write it here. And what I like to write here are my thoughts and my ideas.

I begun to write sort of on-line journal long time ago. Long time before the blogs become popular. First it was more for me than for others and I like to read the old notes, some still in Slovak language. Than later I realize that this is one of the few text which is on my web site full of images and therefore it is only place Google can use to index.

Now I like to come back to writing for real reason to share. And I decide to write to my friend. Please do not feel offended as you are my friend as well :-)

Letters and Images

My latest project here Serene landscape, which I also call sometime Serene Mind started very slowly and it wasn’t meant to become a project at all. I played with my in Japan discovered way of altering the image light with shaving gel. We went for a short holiday last week and I use only like half hour to photograph. I made following image. I wonder what do you think about it. I feel it not that serene anymore, but still intriguing and evoking this time more intense feelings.


  1. Harsha
    Tue, 3. March , 2009

    Hello Richard

    Hope you are doing my friend [ When you consider all your readers as friends, I thought even Im your friend, as I follow your blog :-) ]

    The reason behind this comment is the font type which I’m observing on the posts, if its possible please try something different.
    I found this link, Hope it helps

    BTW, Im enjoying your posts, photographs, Please keep them coming.

    Thankyou & Regards

  2. richo
    Tue, 3. March , 2009

    thanks for writing me. So it seems you do not see fonts on my page correct?, Would you mind to send me a screen shot.

    Reason is that I use Palatino Linotype and Arial fonts so both are used in more than 97% of user based on page you refer to.

  3. JPH
    Wed, 4. March , 2009

    Richard, you never cease to inspire, my friend! :-)

    I love the idea behind the letter’esque style of your journal… love the new image… and again, love your whole new website! Good job on everything!

    PS: I have no problem with your font… in fact, like the whole new look, layout, size, font, of the new journal, compared to your last… a lot nicer and easier on the eyes and to read… Again, excellent work and job!

  4. Dirk
    Wed, 4. March , 2009

    Good image Richard, and I think you’re on good track here. We are working on an article on Yutaka Takanashi which should interest you, coming in the next few days.

  5. Dirk
    Wed, 4. March , 2009

    PS: re fonts my only complaint is that it is too large to read comfortably (Safari Mac)

  6. richo
    Wed, 4. March , 2009

    Jeff thanks!

    Dirk, I am looking forward to you new articles I am watching japanexposures.com very carefully.

    Do you think that this new image fits into serene landscape series? I am bit unsure.
    BTW:the fonts are intentionality a bit bigger as I like to make it easier to read. Maybe you could try zoom-out by your browser, if that possible.


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