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I am again listening all these podcasts in my car when I drive morning and afternoon to and from my job. Listening what other people though, what they talk about. I had idea to make something like that, but I do not think that would be any interesting. Far more I do enjoy discussions, interviews. If it should be no dialog, than some other form is more appealing to me.

Years ago there where audio visual shows very popular. Yes they call it like that “audio visual show or program”. Those time I had no idea how it looks in some other countries or if they have it at all. I certainly know it has a huge impact on me. That time I was very much into astronomy. And there we had one guy and he was making those programs. He was very good.

What it actually was. It was synchronize show of two or more slide projectors with a one or more tape recorders. It has a script and slides where making visual and tape recorders produce video part of the program. Usually performance was done night in open space, people sitting on grass and two or more rather big screens where used and good sound equipment. This kind of show, especially those made by him, evokes a lot of feelings and creates head full of ideas. It was just great. I am not sure if it was by my age at that time or by the open air presentation or any other fact in this kind of programms, but I enjoyed tham a lot.

And guess what. I am going to make one like those, short one 10 in max using my images and music. This can be ideal presentation of close project photographs, presentation which can grab people’s hearts.

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