second book edition?

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I am thinking to produce second limited edition of my book “Remembering Childhood” and offer it for sale in my photography store.

I made hardcover and soft cover version last year in November after exposition of the same work in Slovakia. Both version where sold out very fast and some I were given as presents.

I do not expect to produce huge amount of them so I would like to ask you in advance for notifying me in case you would have interest to purchase one. The price for soft cover version will be € 24.95 and for hardcover €44.95, both prices including postage without insurance (€10 extra if you choose for it).
Here is few images from hard cover version, I will post later some images of soft cover version.

  1. Images from my “Remembering Childhood” project are in.
  2. Size is 28.5cm wide and 22cm high.
  3. With hard cover which is in black linen.
  4. Tone of images is nice warm black.

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