Kodak PXP 120 Plus-X Pan

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And so after I exchange few email yesterday with Jacco I decided when I will feel better I will develop those Kodak  120 film we exposed at the cold winter morning together few weeks ago.

And yes day has come. Only with coughing, I felt quite all right today morning, so I have developed them. And? What you think? They look fabulous!!! Not sure if it is by the square format, huge area of negative or whatever. What I know, that these Kodak 120 6×6 feel great. If I feel still fine, I will develop later today three Agfa APX400. I exposed them at the same day. Captured the same subject. Then I can see if it is film, camera, or just my mind.

I hope my flatbed scanner is still ok as I didn’t use it for over year. If yes I could scan those images soon.

Kodak PXP 120 Plus-X Pan

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