My photo on book cover

Posted by on Jan 11, 2008 in Short notes | 2 Comments

As you may know one of my photos called in city was used last year on “GRAFFITI SCULPTOR” book cover. When we returned from holiday earlier this week, I have found package with two books. So here it is the final form of the book, which is using my photo on its cover. Second image is showing back side of the book.

  • latham-book-1
  • latham-book-2


  1. Dirk
    Fri, 11. January , 2008

    Looks great!

    • Richard Vanek
      Thu, 18. September , 2014

      It is, well six years later, but friend of mine has been recently interested on book covers I have done. I found this post be hidden in web of websites.


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