Movie attempt

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I am playing with creating video with my images. Idea is to create audio interview and play images at the same time. Later maybe some more sophisticated projects. This is my first attempt so bear with me. The video is about (more…)


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I have made few improvements on site today, hopefully it will reflect on faster loading times and better google rank position.

Christine Otten

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As I wrote yesterday we went with Viera last Sunday to the “MelkWeg” i n Amsterdam for introduction show of the new book “<a href=" (more…)

Back from Amsterdam

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We have just returned from Amsterdam where Christine Otten introduced her new book “<a href=" (more…)


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I have modified page which display my images. The layout of information is a slightly different and style of presentation has changed a bit as well.

The major (more…)

StumbleUpon boost

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Normally, there is a around 150 visitors on my page daily and they view in average 1500 pages which makes around 4000 hits. Yesterday it all become in one hour five times (more…)

every morning

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Maybe you remember my post Problem with photos from second half of December 2007. That post I really wrote to share my opinion and somehow (more…)

My photo on book cover

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alt: My photo on book cover

As you may know one of my photos called in city was used last year on “GRAFFITI SCULPTOR” book cover. When we returned from holiday earlier this week, I have found package with two books. So here it is (more…)

Photo Blog Awards 2008

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Last year I tried to get in PhotoBlog awards. This attempt was not successful as I entered the competition far too late. New one is already opened and if (more…)

A New Year

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I like to thank you all who express trust in me and who supported me, with either buying my work or with writings and talking. Thank you very much from all my heart. The end of last year was very successful for me. With my solo exhibition, publishing a book, few interviews in newspapers and (more…)