Note on Fomapan 400

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I need to write this before I forget. One of the films I am regularly using now and which I developed in these last two batches is Czech Fomapan 400. I was developing it always at 12min in Aculux II at 20C. In last batch I had two rolls exposed not at 400ASA but 320ASA. I decided to develop it for only 10 min. On roll in my three roll tank was exposed at 400ASA. What I am observing now that those rolls at 320 and even the one at 400ASA are far better now than when I developed for 12min. I guessing that it is a effect of thinner negative (not really visually observable) and therefore better for scanner.

I will come back to this when I do detail 5400dpi scan of both rolls. I may see nothing spectacular, but I feel that I found the good way to get the best out of Fomapan 400.

I have seen on some Internet shops Aculux III, now produced in Germany for Paterson photographic. I decided not to order this one, but to switch for Fotospeed FD10. I just ordered two 5 liters containers from UK. In this situation my rambling about digital seems to be like from other world :-)

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