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Hello there, it is while I have wrote or updated my article section. So I have decide to do something with it. Today I refresh my article How do I develop negatives. It is rather simple description, but maybe can be used to find what I do and maybe find some useful hints.

I am still listening old podcasts from Brooks Jensen. Now I am at the first month of 2006 :-) Slowly I am starting to having little different opinion on these podcasts. Seems like he was at that time a bit loosing breath or maybe he said all he had in huge urgency and now it slowly going to normal daily chatting. I mean it is not a bad, but I was so excited with first year and half of his texts that now it feels like a bit diluted tea :-)

Nevertheless some of them carries quite strong opinions and with some of them I fully agree. For example the idea why he didn’t put passe-partout (mat) on his prints. The reason is the same why I stop with it even before I listen to his podcast about it. I can do nice prints, but when I put it in passe-partout it is loosing a bit. I can’t do this work as perfect as I would wish,  so why not leave it for people who can do that best? You buy print for me, perfectly crafted, perfectly packed. Than you take it to professional who can perfectly frame it.