Web Shop soon on-line

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As you may read here few days ago I am preparing come back of my web shop. I will be offering this time not only print with size of 2 (more…)

in a tunnel series

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alt: in a tunnel series

By the last picture I have published few hours ago I have finished small series called “in a tunnel”. It was just a little experiment of making three prints (more…)

golden ratio

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Last picture “through the ring” I have crop in golden ration format. 1:1.618. I did it as a little experiment after listening Brooks Jensen’s (more…)

more Brooks Jensen’s ideas

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As I am listening Brooks Jensen’s podcasts every day as I go to work and than back, I am making some notes. Not always, but quite often he bring (more…)

Prints for free – gifts for you!

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I was subscriber of LensWork magazine for a year. Before that I bought individual issues. I finished it this summer and didn’t (more…)


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After two days in Amsterdam I am really tired. It is now about seven at the evening, but I feel like it is midnight. Hopefully I will be able (more…)

additional things

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I just realize how many people are watching this site using RSS. That is fine I like that and that’s why I made RSS available. Only thing which is (more…)

comments and more…

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I have added last three comments on top page. Now when commenting on picture is getting into swing (thank you for it) I think it is interesting to have (more…)

next day in train

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So it seems my train stories will become every day thing, I hope not :-) In any case the story from yesterday had unexpected continuation today.

Again there (more…)

today in the train

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I didn’t write much in last few days. As you may know these are my first days in new job. Not that these days are very active and full (more…)