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I was busy and tired whole week. One is surprised when realize how time is running fast. Today is again Friday and in whole week I didn’t write a line here. I must say that main reason was that I was having constant headache for over four days. It was terrible. Muscles on my neck get hard, probably from cold, and my head was going crazy. First few days I even woke up few times in the nigh with a pain. Some exercises helped a bit, but slow. And I guess, this is how it always goes. bad things we arrange fast and long time is needed to fix them. Entropy, isn’t it :-)

Little bit on technical level. I have had today chance first time to try myself Paterson development tank. And I have to tell you, that is a great thing. First, I was a bit afraid to try it directly with good films. But when I use those wheels to load film I was shocked. So easy and fast I wasn’t able to load film with mine plastic wheel, which I have on my 25 years old tanks. First thing was than very positive. Next things which surprised me very positively was how fast you can put liquid in it and how fast pour it off. With my tank those 550ml takes about 12sec to get in. With new Paterson it takes bellow 4 seconds!!! And get it off the tank is even faster. So great.

Last thing I was bit afraid how my agitation technique need to change when inverting this tank. And yes this need to be adjusted. When I flip tank upside down, it flow very fast into, normally, upper part of tank. When turning back to normal position it takes a bit longer. So quick flip bottom up and immediately back and wait for 3-5 sec until whole liquid is back down.

I have developed six rolls this evening so it will be some scanning this weekend.

All and all I am very positively surprised and I think I will but those 3 wheels versions. Especially as I won on eBay this week 5 wheels for tank and I have two home.

I have add small thing on my photography store. Now when same image is possible to buy in multiple versions, Open edition and Limited edition, it is noted directly above the image. So you can see that limited version costs 49euro but open edition you can buy for 15 euro. Take look for example on this print of Frozen fence

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