Return to the city.

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Today we went to town of our origin, Zilina. I was wondering what has changed there from the time were here last time. And again my expectation are clashing with reality. I have no idea why, but I always expecting nice quiet city as it used to be when I was young. But one see only huge construction activities, roads in rather terrible state and everything is half broken. The worst, people seems to be accepting this and walking between fences around construction
sites. Summer cinema, which used to be kind of symbol for summer is now totally destroyed and I have heart that huge 27 floor building is going to be build there. Terrible!

Only one island is still holding its place from the past. The Bookstore. It is a small place in the center of the city with very good selection of the books, covering not only novels but also philosophy and esoteric literature. It has that kind of calm atmosphere, which let you think about important things. All this is underlined with a nice cafe under this bookstore where you can get great cup of espresso coffee.

I have bought two books today here (normally I buy much more but somehow I feel different today). One book is from Slovak writer, who I like for many years and it is great that he is still writing books even now. I bought his last books from this year. His name is Jan Johanides. Second book, I have bought, is kind of photo diary about Slovak painter Vincent Hloznik. I like the style and photos in this book. I do not particularly like his paintings, but I also do not dislike them. Why I have choose this book is the style how it is done. Photo diary book seems to be very open and personal at the same time.

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